The West Highland way is a long distance pathway that takes you from Milngavie (pronounced Mill-guy) in west central Scotland only a few miles from Glasgow to Fort William in the Highlands.
The total distance of the walk is approximately 95 miles. The pathway is reasonably clear and there are waymarks to make sure you don't get lost.

A Waymark

The going underfoot is fairly good and the terrain is doable by anyone who has average fitness. The sort of steep hills being at Conic Hill and the Devil's Staircase and when going out of Kinlochleven. Anyone who has done any hill walking wouldn't have any trouble.
The pathway was opened in 1980 and has had a great deal of visitors since that time.
Its a great way to see some of Scotland's fantastic scenery,the best way, at walking pace; and can be be completed in around 7-10 days


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